Quincy to make kitty for animal control services

The Quincy City Council took steps to curb animal control problems within the city.

Monday night, aldermen approved an ordinance that would require a peddlers license for anyone who plans to give away or sell an animal in public.

The council also approved an ordinance to make cat owners pay a $6 fee for cat tags at the time of vaccinations.

The idea came from the city's Animal Control Commission.

Police Chief Rob Copley says the money from that fee will help pay for animal control services.

"There are costs to the program even with one officer or if we go to the part-time or another full-time officer," Chief Copley said. "I would concur with their recommendation that that is where the money goes. Obviously, it's up to the city council to make that decision, but that's the thought process behind it."

The Quincy City Council also approved an ordinance that makes it illegal to throw out cigarette butts in public.

That ordinance mirrors the state law that takes effect January 1.

The city will have the authority to issue a ticket to violators.