Quincy thrift stores provide warmth and comfort through clothing

Thrift stores provide comfort through clothing during Winter months

In this cold, we've all been piling on the coats, hats and gloves.

Thrift stores are a popular place for many people to buy what they need.

With wind chill warnings and below zero daytime highs, you wouldn't want to be caught outside without your winter coat.

For many in the Tri-States, access to a winter coat is out of their reach.

That's where a thrift store comes in.

Scott Andrews is the Store Manager for the Salvation Army Thrift Store, and says the need for coats begins before the snow comes in

"Once October hits, once you get that first chill in the air in October, people start looking for it, and then it just keeps going throughout the Fall season," said Andrews. "Even into Spring when it gets those cold days in Spring, we'll still have people coming in looking for Winter jackets."

Jon Miller is the Manager for The Crossing Thrift Store, and says the satisfaction in providing someone with a warm piece of clothing is irreplaceable.

"It's a wonderful feeling, and we have had some of those situations this season already where people come in with just sweatpants and maybe a t-shirt on, and don't have any clothing," said Miller. "We're more than happy to help those people out and give them what they need."

Whatever the season, these thrift stores see customers in need, and are happy to be able to provide a service.

"A lot of times people will come in, their hands will be freezing cold, or their face will be cold, and when they get that warm scarf and they're just leaving with a smile, it's kind of good to know they got an affordable garment to keep them and take care of that need," said Andrews.

"We couldn't operate unless we had donations, and we're so thankful for all the donors that we have," Miller said.

Both store managers say they appreciate any donations.

But they're mostly in need of men's coats of any size, as well as children's coats.