Quincy teddy bears get a check up

The Tri-States has some of the healthiest stuffed animals in the world.

That's thanks to a Teddy Bear clinic held Sunday, October 3rd at the Blessing Rieman College of Nursing in Quincy.

Children were able to bring their favorite doll or stuffed animal to get checked out by nursing students.

The clinic is meant to help children realize the importance of good health and not to fear going to the doctor.

They got to see and do some of the things that actually go into a normal check up.

Kids were able to check their toys ears, listen to their hearts and even give a big teddy bear a shot.

"We have different stations set up so they can give their teddy bear a shot with an actual needle and syringe, so hopefully when they go to the hospital or doctor's office they're not afraid of going and it makes the process a little easier on the parents too," said nursing student Danielle Knowles.

Kids were also able to tour emergency response vehicles and Blessing Hospital's Air Evac helicopter.