Quincy Tea Party holds Working Cash Bond panel

In less than two weeks voters will be deciding on Quincy School District's $6.2 million working cash bond issue.

In hopes of giving voters the opportunity to ask questions and become more informed, the Quincy Tea Party hosted a discussion forum Tuesday night.

Tea Party members were influential on getting the cash bond issue on the ballot, and school board members said it's something they support.

"A group of people went out, they wanted democracy, they wanted it on the ballot, and they got that done. For us, we see this as a proactive step in helping the district move forward financially and getting us back up to ground zero," School Board Finance Chair Stephanie Erwin said.

Five school board members were present as well as Superintendent Lonny Lemon, and Business Manager Bud Martin to answer questions.

Only a day after the state mandated deficit reduction plan was introduced at the School Board meeting, questions came up about the school's financial future with state funds coming in only sporadically.

Erwin explains why she believes the students should be the top priority, "I just want people to understand that our kids can't wait on the State of Illinois."

For more information on the Working Cash Bond issue, KHQA will be rebroadcasting a recent forum held by the League of Women Voters of Adams County and the PTA on Thursday, March 8 at 9 a.m. on CBS. Click here for more information about the forum rebroadcast.