Quincy study circles discuss Trayvon Martin, race relations

Race relations has been an intensive topic of study for the past six weeks for a few Quincy groups.

The Quincy Human Rights Commission and YWCA have been putting on study circles to discuss the issue for the past few years.

This year, three groups formed to discuss issues related to race in the Gem City.

Participants also have discussed the Trayvon Martin case.

KHQA asked one of the leaders of this group about the status of race relations in Quincy.

Study Circle leader Dennis Williams answered, "I think it could do better. I think there are issues that people do not like to look at, but I think it could go better."The groups discussed race relations within the public school system, police department and city.

"I personally fell there's no better resource then myself to go out into my community and promote communication between different ethnic backgrounds," participant Jennifer Baker said.

Thursday night was the final meeting night of the 6-week session for the study circles.All three groups plan to gather on April 14 at the Quincy Senior and Family Resource Center from 10 a.m. to noon.