Quincy students learn proper table manners

If some local students are ever invited to eat a meal with heads of states or at the White House, they're better prepared to do just that after Wednesday.

The Adams County Medical Society Alliance hosted an etiquette luncheon for third graders at Washington School in Quincy.

Students learned hand-washing techniques and table manners at a sit-down luncheon.

The Adams County Medical Society Alliance created this pretend caf where students learned how to eat and act properly at meals. Volunteers started the event about 10- to 12-years-ago.

"They get an invitation," ACMSA volunteer Marcia Dougherty said. "We make nametags and put them at the tables. A lot of kids dress up cause it's a special occasion for them. They enjoy it, and they look forward to it."

With so many finger foods available these days, the alliance wanted to make sure the students know how to use their utensils properly.

"A lot of them need help using knives and forks cause they just haven't had a lot of practice doing it," Dougherty said. "Some of the kids haven't had salads before, so that's a biggie for them."

The volunteers' efforts have paid off.

"We look forward to it every year," ACMSA President Sheila Biggs said. "They look forward to it. Just the look in their eyes of joy, appreciation. It's priceless. We love it."

The experience is more than just your average lunch, complete with a salad, entre and dessert.

The Adams County Medical Society Alliance has two more community projects coming up including a "Kid Power" program at the early childhood center, where volunteers promote healthy dinners and dental hygiene.