Quincy stray cat problem now in hands of Police

Stray cats in Quincy.

Animal control topped the agenda at Monday night's Quincy City Council meeting.

The Council heard the recommendations of the Quincy Animal Commission after its investigation into a number of animal related problems in the city, such as stray cats and the sale of animals in Quincy city limits.

The council voted to pass those recommendations onto the Quincy Police for review.

Quincy Police Deputy Chief Curt Kelty says one of the biggest issues is that for about 18 months the city has only been operating with one animal control officer.

"It's eliminated some services that we normally would provide," Deputy Chief Kelty said. "We've not been trapping cats for instance. There's just too much work for one animal control officer to properly run the traps."

Deputy Chief Kelty says that the lone animal control officer has had very little down time since taking over the job.

The police department will review the animal commission report and submit its recommendations to the Quincy City Council for review.

Those recommendations include:

1. The city instituting a cat tag license fee of $5.50. $4 of that money would be retained by the city and would generate a $10,000 income that could be used to address problems.

2. Pass an ordinance requiring individuals or groups to get a temporary license to sell or give away animals within the Quincy city limits.

3. Institute a Trap/Neuter/Return ordinance.

4. Hire a second full time animal control officer.