Quincy store uses experience to brace for Black Friday

Many may associate Black Friday with crowds pushing through the front door and chaos in the aisles.

But stores like Best Buy in Quincy seem to have Black Friday down to a science using experience and preparation.

Hundreds stood outside the store awaiting the 6 PM opening Thanksgiving night, but many were handed tickets for items ensuring they could purchase what they wanted once inside. The tickets help avoid a rush to certain parts of the store once the doors open.

Assistant manager Joe Wiewel says an experienced staff also helps calm the rush.

"When you have employees that have been here for a while it also makes that process easier because you don't have a lot of new situations, they come in knowing what to expect so everything gets accomplished.," Wiewel said.

"We have a lot of people here who have worked here for a while so that also makes the process easier. The tickets help and the earlier we open, the more daylight you have to work with as well," he said.

Wiewel says his store started preparing for Black Friday about 2 months ago.

More than 500 customers entered the store within 10 minutes of opening.