Quincy slated for new jobs and resurfaced streets


Quincy Aldermen approved more than $300,000 for a new sewage lift station for Kohl Wholesale on Monday night. The exact total of $310,726 is for the facility off Highway 57.

This new station will serve the new Kohl Wholesale distribution warehouse on Highway 57.

No one could confirm the number of new positions that will now open.

City Engineer Jeff Conte says it will be a large facility with office space and distribution.

"Plus it's adding to the base of our sewer customers so the more customers we have the lower cost we have. The cost remains the same, we just spread it over more people."

The other eye catching task on Monday's agenda was a recommendation to approve $540,043.10 for the 2017 Motor Fuel Tax Funds Asphalt Maintenance Program.

Those present voted in favor of the funds. This project helps resurface local streets.

Conte says crews will start repairs in a month.

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