Quincy shoulders Newcomb cleanup cost

It looks like the city of Quincy is on the hook to clean up the site of the Newcomb Hotel.

Quincy's aldermen were hopeful that they could find a buyer for the property willing to purchase it as is. City Building inspector Michael Seaver said the city didn't receive any bids for the property by Thursday's deadline.

"The proposal to purchase the property as is and clean it up did not receiving any proposal yesterday, proposal were due at the end of the business day yesterday and the city received no proposals," he said.

Now the city will revisit its original plan to pay for the removal of the debris. The city received two bid proposals in October and the contractors were willing to wait while the city weighed its options.

"Both of the bidders at that time indicated that they would be willing to hold their price for a period of several months while we worked through that and came back to this option so were hoping to just be able to pick up where we left off back in early November," Seaver said.

To remove and clean up the debris would cost the city $500,000, money city hall says it doesn't have in its budget. Neighboring businesses are also eager to see something done with the property that is something of an eyesore.

"It's kind of a tourist attraction a lot of people come in look at the pile of bricks and want to know the whole story," Fitz's on 4th owner Vickie Fitzsimmons said. "A nice apartment building would be good, an open parking area a lot of times downtown needs extra parking with all the activities going on at Washington Park."

What will become of the property remains to be seen.

"Once the site is cleaned up I think the city will turn around and issue request for proposal for redevelopment of the site under this phase our plan is to get all the debris removed will do proper compaction to make the site suitable for redevelopment and at that point I think the hope is that we can get some sort of a mixed used type of structure back on the site," Seaver said.

Mathew Clark, the man charged in the fire, is scheduled to return to court Jan. 4 for a hearing. The trial is tentatively scheduled to begin Jan. 13.