Quincy schools take on the world of wireless technology

The Knapheide IT department will start wiring the high school in the next couple of weeks.

A major technology upgrade is on its way to Quincy Public Schools.

The district has partnered with Knapheide Manufacturing Company in support of the "Dream Big" campaign.

Quincy Senior High School will take on the pilot project. Knapheide's IT department will begin designing and installing a network access and wireless internet throughout the building. Members of the school district's IT department will also take part in the project which is expected to take months to complete.

"For both departments, it's going to be very challenging. It's going to take months and lots of planning. Especially in some of their older buildings, just getting the initial wiring in the buildings could be a challenge. They have a lot of thick walls and older stone buildings, so there'll be quite a few challenges," Jim Schuetz, with Knapheide's IT department said.

Schuetz says this project will be by far the largest his IT department has taken on.

Julie Ross with the Quincy Public Schools Foundation says this project is vital in keeping up with the new trends in the classroom.

"Without the wireless technology, that ipad can only take you so far. So we believe we have the access to get the tools, but we have to be able to get the network to make the tools work and it's really important that we use the technology within the instruction. Technology by itself isn't going to help our kids very much. It has to be embedded within the curriculum," Ross said.

Ross says the driving force behind this project is an online assessment students will have to take during the 2014-2015 school year. She says the test results could report false readings if the students aren't acquainted with the new technology beforehand.

Along with the technology upgrade, the district's four million dollar "Dream Big" campaign will also help fund better curriculum, fine arts, athletics and endowment.