Quincy school lunch price to increase

Costs are going up for school lunches in the Quincy Public School District.

Wednesday night, the Quincy School Board voted to increase school lunch prices by 10 cents.

A federal mandate requires that increase in an effort to phase in costs for new nutrition standards.

First Lady Michelle Obama's anti-obesity campaign was the impetus behind schools' healthier food standards passed in 2010.

Students in Pre-K through 6th grade will now pay $2.10 in the new school year.

Seventh through 12th graders will pay $2.35.

"We are able to phase it in over a period of time," Quincy school board president Stephanie Erwin said. "The last time we did it was in 2012 when we raised it a quarter. That carried us over. But that's now run out so we are increasing it 10 cents. Unfortunately, we're going to have to increase it every year. It's a moving target."

Very few students and their parents in the Quincy Public School District will see that increase.

Only about 32 percent of students pay full price.

The majority of the students receive free lunches.

Ten percent receive reduced priced lunches.

You can find a full report on how Quincy's school prices compare to other school districts by clicking here.