Quincy school district faces tough financial choices

The Quincy school board is facing a tough financial challenge.At at meeting late Wednesday night the board announced that the district must cut 1.2 Million from the budget for next year.But the board gave no specifics as to where those cuts would come from.Supt. Lonny Lemon did say that if the per pupil school foundation formula is slashed for the upcoming fiscal year, dozens of employees will lose their jobs.As a separate matter the board decided to look at replacing the grass turf at Flynn stadium with an artificial one.The field that is there now is the same one that was installed back in 1979.At that time it was only expected to last for about 10 years.It is going on 30 plus years.The money for the project would come from a five cent tax lease levy which is used for lease purchases on things like copiers, computers and the Early Childhood building at 8th and Kentucky.The Early Childhood Building obligation is ending soon and that will free up about 200 thousand dollars a year.The expected cost of the field is about 750 thousand dollars, which would be paid for over time.By state law, the tax lease levy can not be used to fix the 1.2 Million budget hole that the district is facing, so that money will have to come from somewhere else.