Quincy School District about to get a permanent bread supplier

Imagine preparing lunch for 5,300 people, not knowing if you'll have any bread products that day.

That's what the Quincy Public School District had to deal with when Hostess went bankrupt.

But now the school district is on the verge of selecting a new bread supplier.

Everyday for about an hour and a half, fourth, fifth and sixth graders make their way through the lunch line at Baldwin School. 1,500 meals is what is prepared for lunch everyday and when the bread supply was cut off, it made school district personnel go into scramble mode.

Jean Kinder is the Director of Food Services for the Quincy Public School District. She said when the school district discovered that Hostess was discontinuing their baking and not supplying schools with bread, it made them scramble right up to the last minute.

"The first couple of weeks were definitely chaotic, we didn't know what we were going to do from day to day. Hy-Vee helped us out a lot, we got some bread from Kohl's, but we really didn't have a permanent solution, so it will be really good to have something that is regular and scheduled and that we know we're going to have," Kinder said.

And so for the past few weeks, the school district has used a temporary supplier. The company delivers bread once a week to a central location for the district and from there it's delivered to all the buildings in town. But when Hostess was delivering, it was at least two or three times a week the bread was delivered to each school.

"If you take a school such as Baldwin and we're having hamburgers that day. That's 15 hundred buns. If you think about it in eight packs, like what you buy at the grocery store, that would be 188 packages of buns, then that would be really difficult to come up with in Quincy even if you went to every single grocery store in town," Kinder said.

Kinder said she is glad that the regular bread delivery schedule is about to get back to normal. She is currently reviewing bids that have been submitted and added that the school board should make a decision on what company get the contract at their meeting later this month.

To give you an idea of just how much the school district spends on its yearly bread supply. last year's contract with Hostess was for $110,000.