Quincy School Board to cut $1 million from budget

The Quincy School Board voted Wednesday to cut $1 milllion from next year's budget as part of it's deficit reduction plan.

The goal is to balance the budget and work towards eliminating a more than $2 million deficit in the education fund.

Details of how the District plans to achieve that goal will be revealed at a School Board meeting in March.

"That's been one of the questions that we've heard at all these meetings is 'How do we know the board isn't going to go down this road again?' and hopefully after tonight if we adopt a budget reduction plan that's going to be monitored by the state board, it will give them more confidence that the board will have to meet their obligations and hold their budget down," QPD superintendent Lonnie Lemon said.

If the district lays off teachers, they must be notified by next month.

Meanwhile voters go to the polls next month to vote on working-cash bond issue to help reduce the district's current deficit. There is another informational forum on the bond issue set for March 6 at the Quincy Tea Party's meeting at Turner Hall. Here's when you can watch the League of Women Voters and PTA working cash bond forum re-air on KHQA.

The Board also voted to spend $193 thousand to redo the Quincy High School parking lot entrances, according to the Quincy Journal.

This will help conform the lot with the 33rd and Maine streets' redesign.

The district must also complete other life safety projects at QHS in conjunction with the parking lot reconfiguration as it is not deemed as a required life safety item.