Quincy school board discusses deficit reduction

The Quincy School Board held a special meeting Thursday night to look at ways to reduce a $2.1 million deficit for fiscal year 2012.

Deb Vespa with the Illinois State Board of Education was on hand to discuss ways to do that.

Emotions ran high among board members and audience members who had a chance to comment.

They brought up everything from class sizes; what teachers are dealing with in the classroom these days; building trust with the school board; and the state's late payments.

One of the short-term solutions to reducing that deficit is to issue $6.2 million dollars in working cash bonds.

School Board President Bill Daniels said, "We contacted the state ahead of time to say we know it's going to happen, let's get ahead of it instead of waiting for them to come back and tell us. It's all contingent on whether the state pays their obligations or not."

The Illinois State Board of Education says Quincy has one of the lowest tax levies in the state with a $1.84 tax rate.

The representative says some school districts in the state have a rate as high as $4.

The Quincy School Board has a meeting scheduled this Monday to discuss issuing working cash bonds.

That meeting will take place at 6 p.m. at the school board office.