Quincy School Board details options for special meeting

UPDATE: April 20 at 2 p.m.

Rajah Maples will be at tonights School Board meeting. She will have details as they become available on Twitter, Facebook and the web.


The Quincy School Board has three options heading into Wednesday's final board meeting (April 20, 2011).

The school district will call a special meeting following the regular board meeting to determine how to fill a vacant seat on the board.

If current board member Bud Niekamp does not resign his current seat, the board can declare Niekamp's 2-year seat vacant, which ousts him as president, elect Mr. Dickerson as president, and elect a new Vice-president.

If current board member Bud Niekamp does resign his current seat, the board can either appoint the next highest vote getter to fill the vacancy...

Or the third option would be to appoint someone from the April 5 election regardless of vote count.

Once the decision has been made, the board will adjourn sine die and the new Board would convene immediately following the adjournment.

Bud Niekamp has not announced what he plans to do before Wednesday's meeting.

Current board member Curtis Lovelace has released a statement urging the board to address the double-seated board member issue before a new board takes over.

Lovelace urges the board to declare Neikamp's current seat vacant, appoint Tom Dickerson to the two year term, and seat Neikamp to his just-elected four year term seat.

Here is the Lovelace statement, and here is the agenda for the special meeting scheduled for April 20, 2011.