Quincy school board approves two principal candidates

Quincy Superintendent Lonny Lemon says finding two candidates to fill principal positions at Baldwin Intermediate School and Quincy Junior High School was no easy task.

Monday night the Quincy School Board approved two candidates to fill those open positions which became available when Baldwin Principal Paul Saunders announced his retirement and Junior High principal Diane Glaub said that she would return to the class room.

Lemon says extra emphasis was placed on background checks during this search and getting a clear picture of the candidates from the people they work with now.

"You know you can only glean so much from a resume and interview process talking with the candidates and so we did some extensive background checks. And checking the references to see, talking with the people they worked with each and every day in front of kids."

The board gave its approval to offer the job of Quincy Junior High Principal to Dan Sparrow.

Sparrow is a Quincy native who is an administrative dean in the Bartonville Limestone school district near Peoria.

He would be paid $95,900 in the position.

The board approved a job offer for Baldwin school principal to Jason Fink.

He is the current Jr. High and High School principal at Highland in Ewing, Mo.

He would be paid $78,500 in the position.

The school district is waiting to hear the response from both candidates.