Quincy Salvation Army raising $2 million

Quincy Medical Group is teaming up with the Quincy Salvation Army to raise two million dollars.

The money will be used to renovate and expand what used to be the Inman's Gallery Building on Broadway.

The building will be used to house the Salvation Army shelter, food pantry, and other direct services.

It's also right across the street from the Kroc Center, so all Salvation Army services will be in the same area of town.

The Kroc Center is being built on the property where the emergency shelter used to be, and through very specific orders, the shelter cannot be included in the Kroc Center.

"It goes back to Mrs. Kroc's gift to the community of $25 million. She had explicity said her dollars could not be used for direct services such as food, clothing, shelter, or any of those components," says Major Alan Wurtz.

A couple of years ago, the Quincy Medical Group Healthcare Foundation was established by QMG.

The goal was to get more involved in the community it serves and also give something back.

The folks at the foundation thought this project was perfect.

"This is one of the first major projects we've taken on with a couple of key elements. One is helping the community become aware of the needs that the Salvation Army still has," says Aric Sharp, CEO of Quincy Medical Group.

Quincy Medical Group and the Salvation Army are hosting a fundraiser on July ninth.

Or if you'd like, you can send in a donation to the Quincy Salvation Army for its capital campaign.

The hope is to get the renovations and construction done sometime next year.