Quincy responsible for plowing road in Melrose Township

Snow from the recent storm lasted a little longer on one road in Melrose Township. That's because no one knew who was supposed to plow it.

Hawthorne Hill Road was annexed to the city of Quincy in 2004

, but is dissects a township neighborhood.

For nearly a decade, no one knew who was in charge of plowing snow from the road. Residents who live there say they had trouble getting their cars out of the neighborhood. Some have had to stay home from work.

A conversation with representatives from the city, Adams County, and Melrose Township decided the city was in charge of this road. Crews were sent to plow the road as soon as the decision was made.

The city is planning a meeting with Melrose Township officials. They are looking to find a compromise on an easier way to plow this street.

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