Quincy residents want rules for rental properties

Quincy residents turn out for neighborhood watch meeting at city hall.

Quincy residents on the northwest side want to keep their neighborhoods nice and safe.

They're frustrated with the lack of support to help them accomplish their goals.

Only 10 people turned out for a neighborhood watch meeting Wednesday night at Quincy City Hall.

However, those residents made their voices heard in front of the Quincy Police Department about various problems threatening their neighborhoods.

Trash, unkempt lawns and irresponsible landlords were just a few of the issues discussed.

The residents are collecting signatures for a petition to create a city ordinance that would regulate rental properties in Quincy.

Organizer Cheryl Hobson has collected 135 signatures and hopes to collect as many more as possible.

She said she feels very strongly that landlords should have to reside in Quincy to own property in Quincy or make appropriate management arrangements if that's not possible.

"It's not to single anyone out because we have a lot of really good landlords," Hobson said. "It's not that we're trying to come down on anybody unnecessarily. We just want responsible people that have properties and that they have a manager that lives here in Quincy."

If you'd like to sign that petition, you can call Hobson at (217) 223-1302.