Quincy residents prepare for a battle with Mother Nature

Not many people were around to enjoy the view of the riverfront on Saturday, January 4.

With record low temperatures freezing the Tri-States next week, people spent Saturday stocking up on supplies.

In Quincy, residents spent the afternoon purchasing groceries and snow equipment to battle the chilling storm.

"Going to the grocery store, stocking up, make sure we got food and water," is what Tri-State resident and mother Nicole Zoller was up to on Saturday.

A few people spent their day outside enjoying the last weekend of warmer weather. In South Park, families rushed to enjoy one of the last days of sledding.

"You can't complain, it's not ten degrees below zero today. So you got to enjoy it a little bit," one participant said.

But across town at the River Skate ice rink, not a single person was out skating. That's because most Quincy residents were out shopping for supplies.

They were purchasing everything from generators to shovels and snow blowers ... and people spared no expense getting tools to better prepare for battle.

Larry Schutte, a Power Equipment Manager at Farm and Home Supply, says that once the doors opened on Saturday morning, shoppers poured in.

"Since we opened up, a lot of people have been coming in looking at snow blowers. They've been looking at the generators," Schutte said. "They're worried about the power going out as well as the heater."

Schutte says the amount of shoppers out shows how serious this storm will be.

"They just have to be prepared you know. Get that emergency kit in that car. Get those extra clothes wherever you're going to be traveling out tomorrow and later on today. Because it's supposed to be, the winds are supposed to pick up. Prepare yourself for this storm," Schutte said.