Quincy residents hear more on medical marijuana

The Quincy Plan commission will hold a public hearing on the issue near the end of its meeting Tuesday tonight.

Marijuana soon could be cultivated and dispensed in Quincy.

That was the center of discussion at Quincy's Plan Commission meeting Tuesday night. The meeting was open to the public.

Don't expect construction to start on a growing center anytime soon, though - the purpose of the meeting was to discuss the potential locations where marijuana can safely be grown and distributed for medical use.

The committee's recommendation to Quincy City Council is a cultivation center in the city's industrial district and a dispensary in the city's C-2 district, likely off of east Broadway.

KHQA spoke with one resident who attended the meeting who does have concerns of placing these centers outside of town.

He believes it would be harder for the elderly to travel and get their medications.

However, City Planner Chuck Bevelheimer said Tuesday's meeting was only for preparing the city, not for making final decisions.

"We have to be prepared as a city, to accommodate or address the use for when it comes or if it comes," Quincy City Planner Chuck Bevelheimer said.

"Just like zoning code addresses a host of permitted uses, it doesn't say that all of those permitted uses are going to happen within your town. It simply means this is where we can allow a use to occur without, or having a minimal impact on the neighborhoods." he said.

City officials also are taking state laws and regulations into account.

For example, cultivation centers need to be at least 2,500 feet from any schools or child care centers.

Dispensaries must be 1,000 feet away from schools or child care centers.

Illinois became the 20th state in the nation to allow the use of medical marijuana last August.

Each Illinois State Police district is expected to get one cultivation center and one distribution center.