Quincy residents have had it with nuisance properties

Residents turn out for Quincy neighborhood meeting at Quincy Public Library.



residents have had it with nuisance properties in the city.

Tuesday night, dozens of residents turned out for a neighborhood meeting at the

Quincy Public Library


The city's Director of Inspection and Enforcement, Mike Seaver, addressed questions and concerns about dilapidated or abandoned properties.

They're scattered throughout the city, but most of them are located in the city's northwest side.

City planner

Chuck Bevelheimer also handed out a list of properties that the city is trying to sell.

Many residents who attended said they'd like to see landlords held more accountable for their properties.

"It is such a nice community," Quincy resident Cheryl Hobson said. "It's small enough that you know people but big enough that I think if you can get enough people, you get power, and let our elected officials know there are important things to us who want a good environment for our children and a place to live and retire."

Many residents expressed an interest in starting a petition for a city ordinance that would require rental inspections on a yearly basis.