Quincy residents could see low tax rate for third year in a row

For the third year in a row, the property tax rate for Quincy residents is expected to go down.

On Monday night the Quincy City Council gave first reading to an ordinance that would lower the tax rate below 1 dollar.

Quincy Mayor John Spring says that he recognizes how difficult a time residents have had as they recover from the recession.

He says that if passed this low tax rate should help.

Spring says, "The last thing we want to do is overburden our local residents, our local taxpayers. So I'm happy that we've tightened our belts even more and we're gonna try to provide a tax rate that will make it doable for everybody here."

The city will also be able to give a slight pension increase to the police and fire departments.

The property tax ordinance is expected to get a full three readings so it may be several weeks before it gets final approval.