Quincy residents brace for second round of snow storms

The city of Quincy will continue to plow away the snow from last week's storm Monday, but if only for a few hours before the next system moves into the area.

"The first time it snowed, we were out here for 40 hours straight. We've had some rest the last couple of days, but there's still snow and people calling in to get their driveways opened," Dan Kramer said.

Kramer not only dug out of his home after last week's storm, he's also helping dozens of others do the same. Just in time for another round of what forecasters believe could bring a foot of snow in some areas of the Tri-States.

"It's really difficult, because the snow's already piled up," Kramer said.

"This was a tough snow, because it had some ice elements, some freezing rain, so it was difficult to push this snow," Mayor John Spring said.

City plans to clear the rest of Quincy's slick streets might get pushed aside for Monday's late night visitor.

"We'll be well prepared. Basically, we have about 30 to 35 people that plow for us," Spring said.

Spring says 15 trucks will go out on 12 hour shifts, before the keys are handed over to the next set of drivers. He says there's no shortage of salt, but it will still take time to cover the city.

"It does make it difficult and let's face it. We have not had to deal with this much other than two years ago with the great blizzard. That was an overwhelming experience. That was the worst snow storm in the city's history," Spring said.

Whatever comes is sure to cause some delays and potentially strand motorists ... but Spring says Quincy residents can count on one thing.

"Our transit service will stay running. That was a difficult task for us this past Thursday, but we kept the buses running because we know people rely on that service to get home. So just be careful be patient, be patient with your driving and be patient with the city to get your street plowed," Spring said.