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      Quincy resident receives award for seat belt safety

      The Illinois Department of Transportation and the Quincy Police Department presented Alicia Devlin a Saved by the Belt Award

      A Quincy woman was honored by two Illinois public service organizations for a decision she made that saved lives on Thursday.

      If Alicia Devlin hadn't enforced her seat belt safety rule last October, her family could have been killed.

      Alicia Devlin says she feels blessed to be alive.

      "It's important because, I mean, I could have lost one of my kids," Devlin said.

      Last October, Devlin drove her four children down 12th street in Quincy, on the way to nearby Deer park.

      That's when their lives almost changed forever.

      "She was heading north bound on 12th street, the other vehicle pulled out from Kentucky street and hit her broadside, flipping the car onto its side," Quincy Police Chief Robert Copley said.

      Luckily, Devlin and her children all wore their seat belts, and none of them were seriously injured.

      It's a requirement Devlin makes her children always abide by.

      "I'm a real stickler about that," Devlin said.

      For her strict safety belt rule, the Illinois Department of Transportation and the Quincy Police Department presented her with a Saved by the Belt Award.

      "Rewarding them for, in this case not only saving themselves but her family, by doing the right thing and wearing a seat belt," Copley said.

      Copley hopes the award will raise awareness about the importance of always wearing your seat belt.

      "Any reinforcement we can give them, to remind them, this is why we wear it," Copley said. " We wear it to save lives, we wear it to prevent serious injury."

      Devlin is grateful her children are still alive all thanks to one important decision.

      "It always feels good to know that when you do the right thing, you get awarded," Devlin said.

      This week, the Illinois Department of Transportation awarded two other drivers with a Saved by the Belt Award.