Quincy resident not cracked up over Quincy sidewalk ordinance

Sidewalk in Quincy, Ill.

The Quincy Police Department says safety is its number one priority. That's why it wants pedestrians to use the sidewalks or face a ticket up to $120.

Illinois State law says pedestrians must use a sidewalk if one is available.

"It's a safety issue, we want people to be as safe as possible," Quincy police officer Kelly Vandermaiden said.

Vandermaiden says the department has seen an increase in complaints from drivers because more people are out and active during the nice weather.

"Pedestrians can see and maneuver faster then vehicles can" she said. "We just want everyone to keep an eye out, both pedestrians and vehicles for each other."

The Quincy Police Department says using a sidewalk is just safer. And while residents agree, some say certain sidewalks make it impossible to use a stroller.

What's your opinion of Quincy sidewalks?

"They're horrible," Quincy resident Andrea Austin said.

Walking is Andrea Austin's main form of transportation.

She has two children and says she always uses the sidewalk but ... "If I have to get in the street, I do because sometimes I can't get through there," Austin said.

She thinks the sidewalks should be fixed first before police issue tickets.

"Every time that I've tried to go through sidewalks, they're rickety, they're broke," she said. "There's a lot of them that need to be fixed."

Vandermaiden says it is an officer's discretion whether to give a verbal warning or a traffic citation. But if you have a problem with city sidewalks, she advises you talk with your alderman.

And if there isn't a sidewalk available, state law says you should walk on the left side of the road, facing oncoming traffic, and leave the road when a vehicle approaches.