Quincy resident files lawsuit on tax issue

The courts will now decide if some Quincy residents are paying taxes twice.

A Quincy resident who says some property owners within Quincy city limits are being charged for city and township taxes has filed a lawsuit.

Lead Plaintiff Michael Black says because of a complicated annexation issue, about 554 properties around the edge of Quincy in Melrose and Ellington Townships are being taxed by two different taxing districts.

A tax objection complaint against Melrose and Ellington Townships was filed on November 5th in the Adams County Circuit Court.

"Well, there's actually 2 outcomes that we're looking for. Number 1 is a refund of our 2009 taxes that were improperly paid to Melrose and Ellington Townships. The other outcome is that they change our assignment over to Quincy Township where we should be," said Black said.

Black says about 114 plaintiffs have signed the lawsuit.

They are filing for more than $38,000 or about $340 per property.