Quincy Regional Airport could see 10,000 boardings by end of year

There is good news coming out of Quincy Regional Airport about the number of people who are flying in and out of the airport and using Cape Air.

The latest boarding numbers show that in July 2012 there were 50 more passengers who enplaned then there were in July 2011.

So that means just last month 874 people took advantage of the commercial air service between Quincy and Lambert Field.

For the year 5,561 people have used Cape Air either flying to St. Louis or using a return flight back to Quincy. That number comparing to the same time last year, year to date, is about 500 more.

The city said they remain optimistic they'll hit the 10,000 passenger mark by the end of the year.

Also at the airport, the city is planning to have some taxiway work done between now and the end of the year.

City Engineer Jeff Steinkamp said it's a half million dollar project that will replace concrete and asphalt taxiways around the 10 T-hangars that are used for private planes.

Diamond Construction should start work next within the next few weeks.

Besides the taxiway work, the contract also calls for some drainage improvement work.