Quincy ranked one of the best Illinois cities to live in

"Since moving here from West Virginia, I've found the cost of living more affordable," Quincy resident Cheryl Frank said.

Frank and her husband moved to Quincy this summer and have been enjoying the cheaper lifestyle.

"The water bill and the power bill, they're all, really low, so the cost of living here is really good," Frank said.

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â??, a popular real estate blog, the cost of living in Quincy is low. The blog ranks Quincy as the sixth most affordable city in Illinois, with the Chicago suburb, Downers Grove, being the most expensive. The site took into account home cost, utilities, family incomes, employment rates, as well as gas and food prices.



to compare the cost of living in Quincy vs. Downers Grove.

Gas is also another big factor. A gallon in Quincy will cost you about $3.50, whereas higher cost of living towns will average out to $4.

Local real estate broker Bobette Cowthon says many new home owners are moving to Quincy for that affordability factor.

"We see a lot of people coming from larger metropolitan cities and when they move in and relocate to Quincy, they are overwhelmed by the size of house they can buy,â?? Cowthon said.

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Area Vibes

â??, you would need to make $69,225 living in Downers Grove, compared to $50,000 in Quincy to maintain the same standard of living.