Quincy public service prepare for another snow storm

Quincy Central Services prepare for another massive snowstrom.

Many public service organizations in Quincy are bracing for this weekend's snow storm.

Another threat of snow means Quincy's street crews are ready to put in another round of long hours this weekend.

"We'll have two full crews, 12 man trucks, 12 trucks on the street," Quincy Central Services director Marty Stegeman said. "We're making sure today that they're operable and everything running properly."

Stegeman said despite a few changes to the salt mixture, this weekend's snow removal should be business as usual.

"The only thing we are going to this time that may be a little different, we're going to mix heavier combinations of some salt and cinders," he said.

Central Services isn't the area department that's preparing for the snow. Quincy shelters are making sure they have space for homeless guests.

Heidi Welty is the Regional Social Services Director at the Salvation Army Emergency Shelter in Quincy. She said, the organization will be able to provide services for anybody who comes in for relief over the weekend.

"We generally take in 14 but given a circumstance where weather is an issue, then we will go over," Welty said. "We're hoping that they're able to come into shelter, stay over night, stay for a few days and get out of the weather."

The shelter will be fully staffed this weekend.

The Salvation Army is the only shelter in a hundred mile radius that provides relief for homeless people all ages and family size.

Welty said if the shelter runs out of room, the Salvation Army will find a way to ensure no one in need gets left out in the cold.

"We wouldn't leave anyone in a position where they just didn't have somewhere to go," Welty said.

The Salvation Army emergency shelter has $3000 of emergency funds set aside to place homeless guests in hotels or motels if the center fills up.