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      Quincy Public Library touts high usage

      The Quincy Public Library is touting larger usage than city libraries twice its size.

      Quincy is half the size of cities like Springfield and Peoria, but boasts double the library usage and free library programs. Click here to view a full program guide of hundreds of Spring Library Programs.

      At the same time Quincy's library has less than half the funding and staff as larger towns.

      Ruth Cuthbertson is the Marketing and Events Librarian.

      She attributes the library's success to community involvement and support.

      Cuthbertson says its clear Quincy residents are getting the best bang for their buck.

      "They pay around $3 in taxes, but receive around $17 in free library programs and services," Cuthbertson said. "So it's a great return on their investment when they come here and use the programs and services that we have."

      Click here to watch a demonstration on how to make duct tape wallets.

      The Quincy Public Library is already well into its spring programming schedule which encompasses hundreds of free programs. Click here to learn about the programs offered at the Quincy Public Library.