Quincy Public Library teaches students how to use tablets

Quincy Public Library teaches students how to use tablet devices

Teens eager to educate themselves on how to use tablet devices attended the Teen Tech Petting Zoo at the Quincy Public Library Sunday.

Students received a quick and easy tutorial on how to use the devices for school.

Tablet devices are becoming a more popular educational resource for students.

Some schools offer tablets to students as a tool for taking notes or researching information. But many students in Adams County don't own or have never used a tablet.

That's why Librarians from the Quincy Public Library decided to give students a crash course on the devices.

Using iPads supplied by the Krock Center, Librarian Bobbi Mock gave students a walk-through of the device's basic apps and functions.

"Some of apps we're going to talk about today are good resources for them, like our Learning Library Express and such which will allow them to improve their test scores," Mock said.

Students received experience using some of the devices' educational apps such as e-Reader and iBook.

"It's actually really interesting to able to figure out how to work stuff because, I myself, I don't have an iPad, so it will be really interesting to know to work with it," Quincy Junior High 9th grader Alexis Bergman said.

Mock said more schools are implementing tablets into classrooms and it's essential student's understand how to use it.

"Do I see schools turning to tablets,instead of textbooks and written assignments, absolutely," Mock said. " I think this is one way we're working with getting our kids use to the idea as they get ready to go off to college."

Mock said the only downside to students using tablets in school is, its auto-correct function can cause students to overlook mistakes.

"I have noticed that spelling has gone down considerably, but I don't know that we should blame that strictly on technology," Mock said. "I think that it's just unfortunately a way of our times and I'd love to see it change."

After working with the iPads for a while, some students feel they need more practice before they use it in school.

"I need a lot more preparation than I have," Bergman said.

If you would like to know how to use a tablet device, the Quincy Public Library will host a free class on tablet applications on Thursday, April 17, from 2 to 3 p.m.