Quincy Public Library offering books through e-readers

Update: Since the library began checking out books through electronic readers, about five months ago, the number of books on its electronic download have nearly quadrupled, from about 200 books to more than a thousand.

"It's wonderful. We still have really high circulation.Lots of people still coming in with their devices and learning how to use them, how to download the books here at the library, and not just the e-books but also the audio books, so the mp3 players, the ipods, anything like that, that you can listen to. You can even burn them to a CD, so you can do that and then wipe it out and listen to the next one," said Katie Kraushaar.

This service comes free of charge to people with a Nook as well as iPhone and Android phone users. The Quincy Library is expecting to add the Kindle into the mix later this year.


These days, more people are swapping out their paperback books for electronic ones. Readers like the Kindle and the Nook make finding a good book quick and easy, and at a low cost. While some books my come free of charge, the average download costs about ten dollars.

Now, these devices can be linked to the Quincy Public Library's database, where you can borrow books without leaving home.

The library's now offering exclusive titles electronically, and it's free.

To access these books, log in with your library card number before browsing titles and checking out titles. There's yet another new feature. App's are available so iPhone and Android phone users can download eBooks and audiobooks directly to their phone through the libraries digital download center.

Just become a member of the library and you'll have access to hundreds of books at your fingertips.

"Go to our website,, and on the right-hand side, there's a link that says books, music and more. Open that link and find a listing for digital downloads," said Katie Kraushaar, the manager of information services at the Quincy Public Library.

There, you can find more than a hundred audio books and ebooks, each compatible for Mac and PC devices. And better yet, it's free, but you must be a member of the library to access the digital downloads.

"You can put the software on your computer at home and go into the files and see what books are available and download them," said Natalie Cornwell, a Nook user and Quincy teacher.

"You can have two items at a time. They'll check out and stay on your computer file, and after two weeks it's automatically unavailable again," said Kraushaar.

With no worry of returning them.

"You don't get charged with late fees for this. It's wonderful," said Kraushaar.

Kraushaar says the library is always looking to expand its collection, and invites ideas you may have. Just like regular library books, once someone has checked it out, you'll have to wait for it's online return, but in a much more convenient place.

"I think I'll be using it continuously, because I now have a library at home. I have the Quincy Public Library's collection at home," said Cornwell.

*Due to the software used at the Quincy Public Library, the Kindle is not compatible, but a Nook is, among other devices. For a list of compatible eBook and audiobook devices, visit