Quincy Public Library celebrates 125 years

It was first opened as the Free Public Library at 4th in Maine in 1889.

A local library is celebrating its 125th anniversary.

The Quincy Public Library is planning an anniversary celebration for June 24.

The library has gone through a lot of transformation in the past 125 years.

It was first opened as the Free Public Library at 4th in Maine in 1889.

Community minded people like Sarah Denman and Lorenzo Bull along with others helped to make the library available for public use.

"That was the first library in Quincy, and they worked in the 1880s in order to get the funds together to build it, and ground was broken in 1888," Marketing and Events Manager Ruth Cuthbertson said.

Back then, they only had around 700 books.

"It's changed over the years because the library provides things that the community, that people can't afford to buy for themselves and at the time, books were very expensive," Cuthbertson said. "Today it's computers and computer time, so the library has evolved through the years to provide additional services to the community."

Moving forward, the library moved and expanded to its current location at 526 Jersey.

After undergoing another major renovation, the library has continued to live its mission by being a service to the community.

"One of the ways that the library has changed in the last 125 years, is that it really has become more of a community space," Katie Kraushaar, Manager of Information Services, said. "You're not just coming in to read the classic books, to educate yourself. Education has changed so much in the last 125 years, books have changed so much, it really is about finding that community space where you feel comfortable."

A 125th anniversary celebration wouldn't be complete without the community's involvement.

Anyone and everyone is invited to take part in a celebration that includes a look back in time, with speakers and a tour of the previous library.

"We want people to be able to come in and take a walk through that building, really remember what it was like to be in the space, and talk about everything that they have done, and what we hope to do in the future," Krausharr said.

The celebration will take place on Tuesday, June 24, starting at 11:30am with free food at the library.

You can view the display of historic photos, record your library memories on video, or put your thoughts on the scribble wall, as well as view the Wish Tree located in the lobby of the library. The Wish Tree consists of items needed to be purchased to help the library and its efforts.

At 1:25pm, a panel discussion will take place with Chuck Scholz, Dwain Preston, Mary Griffith and Martha Ward.

A walking tour to and through the old library building at 4th and Maine will follow the program.

In honor of the 125th anniversary, the library will offer reduced fees on all fines incurred prior to June 24, 2014. Fine holders would pay only 25 cents for each dollar owed.