Quincy Preserves goes mid-century mod

The Quincy Preserves has been around since 1975.

Since then the organization has been giving you an inside look into local historical architecture.

This year one of its tours features something a little bit more modern.

"When we saw this house we fell in love with it," Todd Shackelford said.

The Shackelford home was built in 1952. It may be mid-century modern but it still has a lot of history.

"We actually bought it from the family that lived here, both the parents and the daughter have lived here and they actually built this house," Shackelford said. "This actually used to be part of the country club and it was part of the golf course."

Shackelford wants to share that history.

"A lot of time architectural tours are focused on homes from around the turn of the century but we were able to talk to the Quincy Preserves and say "hey there is a great little mid-century modern effect that was taken in Quincy during the 40s, 50s and 60s" and there are some really cool attributes of those houses, " Shackelford said.

Shackelford's home is just one of the seven structures that will be on the Quincy Preserves, 37th annual Behind Closed Doors tour.

"Quincy having so many of these treasures still in superb condition that it's just very interesting to see the different designs," Chuck McClain, from Quincy Preserves, said.

Exactly what Shackelford hopes his unique homes bring to the tour.

We have put in a lot of modern equipment like the floors they're bamboo and it's 100 percent sustainable and we've added new tile to the sunroom and dinning room area and the kitchen," Shackelford said. "We just really modernized it for modern living but kept the retro feel for the house."

This year's tour will feature three mid-century modern structures and four homes that were built in the 1880s and 1890s.

The Behind Closed Doors tour will be held Saturday from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.