Quincy post September 11

Changes across the country have been very apparent post Sept. 11.

There are new restrictions when going to the airport on what you can bring on airplanes and new body scanners you have to go through before getting to the gate.

But you might not think of changes that take place in smaller towns.

In Quincy, some visible changes have been at Lock and Dam 21, the water treatment plant, and Quincy's Regional Airport.

Fences were put around each of these that were bought by federal dollars.

But Mayor John Spring says the biggest change has been in the way the police and fire departments communicate.

He says communication is very important when it comes to disasters like 9-11.

Ten years ago, the emergency personnel couldn't communicate with each other.

Quincy Mayor John Spring says, "We have that now. And again, that's an issue that came out with Homeland Security. And that has changed the scope of things. Our police officers, our firefighters, our EMS personnel here in the community, our central service personnel. We can communicate with one another in an emergency situation."

Mayor Spring also says you can't prevent a Sept. 11 like event, but the preparations the city has in place have people prepared in case something happens here.