Quincy pool still open thanks to people's generosity

People's donations helped keep the pool from closing

Despite a few setbacks, one Quincy pool is still open for business this summer.

The Jackson-Lincoln Swimming Complex has given kids a place to swim since it opened in 1997.

Since then, it has seen many faces come and go, but it's remained a popular spot for kids to hang out on a warm summer day.

"This is a place for kids to come and have something to do during the summer," Molly Frank, a lifeguard for the pool said.

However, this pool swam into a few problems last year.

"We were going to have to close. Haven't been open maybe three weeks," Jackson- Lincoln Swimming Complex Executive Director Ben Bumbry said. "That would have been like, last of June or 1st of July."

Equipment malfunctions were causing the pool to drown in financial debt.

"Last year, we met some unexpected high costs which included a new pump for the pool that had lasted since the pool had been constructed," Sara Reuschel, a member of the pool's board of directors said. "And we were federally required to put in ADA compliant ramp into the pool."

Bumbry worried he'd have to permanently shut-off the water lines and close the pool forever.

"Both pumps broke down. Big pool and the baby pool-filter system went out," Bumbry said. "We didn't know what we, we're going to do. We needed $20,000."

In order to stop the pool from closing, Bumbry and his staff ask the community for monetary donations.

"We made a plea and I can't believe how the people responded," Bumbry said. "And I can't believe that people responded."

Thankfully, people stepped in to stop it from going under.

"The people of Quincy and surrounding areas came to our rescue," Bumbry said.

"One of the biggest donations we got was a shade structure that Blessing Hospital donated to us," Reuschel said.

Bumbry and his staff are grateful for the community's help.

It's ensured this beloved pool will stay afloat for a few more years.

"I love it. There's no place like it. It's so fun to be here," Frank said. "This is a really fun pool."

Since last year, the Jackson Lincoln Swimming Complex raised more than $ 20,000 dollars in donations.