Quincy police search for two armed men

One of three Quincy Police Department vehicles seen by KHQA reporter Chad Douglas just outside the perimeter they blocked off at the Illinois Veterans' Home.

Police are still searching for two men allegedly involved in a home invasion Tuesday in Quincy.

Quincy police say that the home invasion at 9th and Locust was not random. The home was targeted by the two suspects.

No names have been officially released by authorities at this time.

Police say the two men, who are believed to be armed, have left the area and residents are not an immediate danger.

A search which included a Special Response Team came to an end at the Illinois Veterans' Home on Monday leaving the two suspects still at large.

According to Lt. Jason Simmons with the Quincy Police Department, one of the suspects is possibly armed with a baseball bat or a gun and the other may be armed with a gun.

Police describe the two male suspects as being 18 to 22 years of age. At least one of the suspects is a white male. Police say one suspect was wearing a white shirt and the other was wearing a green shirt. One suspect has very short hair and the other has dark curly hair.

KHQA spoke with a man who lives in the house the suspects entered. He said he came home from court and walked in on the burglary in progress. His brother was also home, but slept through the whole thing.

The man said he recognized the gunman when the man stuck a gun in his face. At first, he tried to get the gun, but when the suspect cocked it and pointed it back at him, he backed off.

That's when the two suspects kicked their way out of the front door and ran into the woods at the Illinois Veterans' Home.

The victim says the suspects stole a gun that was in the house and about $400 in change.

Stay with KHQA as more details become available.