Quincy police make burgalry arrests

25-year-old Adam Fusselman / Quincy Police Department

Quincy police think they've stopped a two-month long vehicular burglary spree.

Officers arrested two people Sunday, February 20, 2011 after learning of new information into vehicle burglaries.

25-year-old Adam Fusselman of 418 South 12th in Quincy, was arrested for burglary to a motor vehicle, forgery, theft, misuse of a credit card and possesion of stolen property.

Fusselman was lodged in the Adams County jail.

23-year-old Jessica Dunivin also of 418 South 12th in Quincy, was arrested for identity theft, forgery and misuse of a credit card.

Dunivin was released on a notice to appear pending her court appearance.

The burglaries have been reported from different Quincy locations since December 24, 2010.