Quincy Police investigate murder

Quincy's Special Response Team looks for murder suspect on Quincy's north side. / Photo by: Chad Douglas

Quincy Police are looking for a murder suspect.

28 year old Phillip Diaz Jr is wanted for murder.

He's from the Chicago area, but at this point, police to not know if he's still in the area.

He is considered to be armed and dangerous, but police believe the murder for which he's a suspect is an isolated incident.

The victim is 37 year old Ian Barksdale. He was shot multiple times here in the Hardees parking lot at 30th and Broadway in Quincy. That happened at 4:30 in the morning. Barksdale died shortly before 10:00 Sunday morning at Blessing Hospital. But the events that lead to Barksdale's death start a few hours earlier across town. Sometime in the early morning hours, the suspect, Phillip Diaz Jr was involved in some type of physical altercation with another man at the Casino Starlite nightclub. Barksdale is an employee at the nightclub, and broke up the fight. Lt. Jason Simmons with the Quincy Police Department tells me some words were exchanged, and the police were called.

KHQA asked Lt. Simmons if he was familiar with Diaz. He told us the only time, to his knowledge, Diaz has been in the Quincy Police Department was early Sunday morning. He was arrested after that altercation at the Casino Starlite at 3:00 in the morning.

Lt. Simmons says Diaz was taken to the police department, booked, and let go.

"It fell within the guidelines of a normal arrest. Nothing was forecast as far as further involvement with this individual. He made is bond, and was released," says Simmons.

Diaz apparently went to Hardees where he ran into Barksdale. Simmons says again, some words were exchanged, and Barksdale was shot multiple times.

"At this point we believe it was an incident that was isolated to the previous contact and a chance meeting afterwards," says Simmons.

That still doesn't mean Diaz isn't dangerous...if he's still in the Quincy area. The Emergency Response Team spent hours searching homes in the area of 20th and Chestnut, but found nothing.

"Anybody that knows this individual or recognizes this individual, we would request information from," says Simmons.

If you see him, you're asked not to approach him. Instead call the police, or if you want to stay anonymous, you can call the Crimestopper's Hotline at 217-228-4474.

Lt. Simmons says the man who was involved with Diaz in the altercation at the Casino Starlight is not believed to be involved in the shooting.

Simmons also tells KHQA the department has been in contact with Chicago authorities, and so far Diaz hasn't been found there either.

UPDATE 3:45 pm

Quincy Police are looking for 28 year old Phillip S. Diaz, Jr.

He's wanted on murder charges in the death of 37 year old Ian Barksdale.

Police say Barksdale was shot early this morning at the Hardees at 30th and Broadway in Quincy.

Police, including the Special Response Team searched several places around 20th and Chestnut for Diaz, Jr. this morning, but haven't been able to find him.

UPDATE 3:15pm

Quincy Police confirm to KHQA, the victim of this morning's shooting at Hardees at 30th and Broadway has died.

More information is coming from QPD soon.

Check back for further details, and tune in tonight for your KHQA Late News at 10:00 for the latest.

Quincy police are looking for a 28 year old from the Chicago area for a reported shooting.

The victim was taken to Blessing Hospital, but later died.

Quincy police believe the shooting is related to an earlier disturbance between the shooter and vicitm at a nightclub.

Police searched several homes in the area.