Quincy police examine motorcycle group's missing funds

Police are investigating reports of money missing from the Quincy chapter of a national motorcycle non-profit organization.

Detectives with the Quincy Police Department are examining reports that an undisclosed amount of money went missing from the

Great River ABATE chapter

, Assistant Police Chief Ron Dreyer said.

Many of the details could not be released to the public. Dreyer couldn't say how long the investigation would take or how much missing money is in question.

â??These investigations take a lot of time with the accounting issues involved,â?? he said. "I can only confirm that we are doing an investigation regarding a possible internal theft involving the ABATE Chapter."

Chapter president Tom Haggerty acknowledged that police are investigating the possible thefts, but said that he couldn't provide additional information.

â??It's under investigation, so I can't really say anything,â?? chapter president Tom Haggerty said. â??There's money missing."

ABATE is a nationwide non-profit organization with local chapters spread throughout the country.

The organization lobbies on behalf of motorcycle owners. The Quincy chapter describes its mission as advocating motorcycle rights to elected and appointed officials to preserve the universal right to a safe, unrestricted motorcycling environment.