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      Quincy police chief recommends animal control measures

      The City of Quincy could be a step closer to addressing its animal control issues.

      Tuesday night, the Quincy City Council agreed to accept the police chief's report on the Animal Control Commission's recommendations.

      They comprise charging a cat tag fee, requiring a permit to give away or sell pets within the city limits and hiring a part-time animal control officer.

      There was one recommendation the police chief did not agree with.

      "He didn't think a trap, neuter and release program benefited the city, so he said he was against that," Quincy Mayor Kyle Moore said. "I support hiring a part-time animal control officer."

      Mayor Kyle Moore said the police commission will now examine the recommendations before they appear before the city council for a vote.

      An overabundance of cats that have popped up at Palm Gardens Mobile Home Park off of south 8th Street in Quincy.

      Watch video of the cat problem by clicking here .

      Tuesday night, the council also voted 11 to 2 in favor of a belief "that the Illinois Constitution should not be amended to permit a graduated income tax."

      Next week, the council is expected to discuss and vote on a letter of intent for a future hydropower project and hiring a new airport manager.