Quincy Park District takes on historic structures

The Friends of the Log Cabins want to see the historic structures stay on Quinsippi Island.

Over the last several years, the friends of the log cabins have been trying to restore the structures.

But now the Quincy Park District wants to be more involved in the process.

They have put together a plan as to what they'd like to see done with the cabins and right now that isn't matching up with what the friends of the log cabins have in mind.

"We're all concerned about the cabins. We want to do what's best for them and our goal is to keep that in mind throughout all of this phase of discussion and things. So at this point I'm not going to say one way or another. I personally think it's a great site here and I hope they will remain here and that's our goal," said John Gebhardt with Friends of the Log Cabins.

And if you would like to see the cabins up close, plan on attending the Frontier Settlement Day on September 18th.

Plenty of activities for families and kids. Click here to go to the park district website for more details.