Quincy Park District meeting open to the public

You'll remember KHQA reported that Quincy Park District's Wavering Park Pool sustained $25,000 to $30,000 worth of damage to the water slide and pool.

Park District workers found the damage to the slide on April 22nd, but it's possible the vandalism was done a month or two before it was found.

One or more people broke into the pool and poured some sort of vegetable or cooking oil down the 250 foot slide.

The oil ruined the entire surface of the slide and damaged the pool where the slide empties.

The Quincy Park District is hopeful this won't delay the pools opening.

"We're hoping, if everything goes will with the opening of the bids and the contractors, we'll still be able to open on Satu r day, May 29th just as scheduled. We'd planned to open the pools that weekend anyway. So hopefully everything goes well, weather cooperates, because if it's rainy all the time that's going to set us behind, but if everything goes will we'll have the pool opened by the 29th," said Director of Program Services Mike Bruns.

The slide at Wavering was damaged by skate boarders a few years ago, we asked the park district if they are planning on adding more security.

"We have a video system there, we're going to look at enhancing it a little more so we can have better footage and video from that and also have our rangers make more routine stops through there when they're making their routine visits through the parks in the evening, just taking a look," said Bruns.

The Quincy Park District's Board of Commissioners met at 7 a.m. Tuesday, May 4 to discuss contracts for repairs that are needed at Wavering Aquatic Center after this recent vandalism was discovered.

The public was invited.

Anybody with information to this crime is encouraged to call the Quincy Police Department at 217-228-4474.