Quincy Park District is doubling up

The Quincy Park District selected a new executive director Wednesday night. Interim Executive Director Ed Seger, who also serves as director of parks, will fill the position.

"We were not in any way disappointed in our applicant pool, but we just feel like this is the best choice for several reasons," Board of Commissioners President John Frankenhoff said.

Segal was selected out of a pool of about 25 candidates who applied during the two month application process that ended Monday. Though he did not apply for the position, he has served as interim executive director on multiple occasions.

"On paper, some of them looked very good and were comparable to Ed. But you cannot underestimate the value of someone you're familiar with and that you have confidence in, because bringing someone new in is always a bit of a gamble, and you never know what you're going to get until they get started, so this is a much safer decision I think," Frankenhoff said.

The Board has tentatively scheduled for Seger to stay in this role for about a year before they reopen the application process for executive director in January 2013.

Seger will continue to act as both director of parks and executive director for the next year. His salary has been adjusted so that he will receive an additional $250 per week added to his regular salary as director of parks, $50 per week more than his interim executive director salary adjustment.