Quincy Park Board closer to acquiring new home

      The Quincy Park Board passed a $3.3 million dollar operating budget for 2013.

      The board also approved a bid from Leander Construction for about $630,000 to renovate the former Bayview Cafe and Riverview Hall building on Bonansinga Drive.

      The district plans to move its office into the building.

      The Quincy Park District plans to sell the Emerson Community Center on Washington Street when the Bayview building nears completion.

      "The intent right now would be to divide off the playground section and retain that as a park," Quincy Park District Executive Director Ed Seger said. "Then have the building and three acres, offer it for sale."

      The park board approved the Bayview purchase in April.

      Commissioners agreed to let bids for $900,000 in general obligation bonds to be paid off over the next four years.