Quincy Park Board adopts new comprehensive plan

The Quincy Journal contributed to this report

The Quincy Park Board adopted a new comprehensive plan for the next five years Wednesday night.

The district has spent the past 18 months on the plan, which has included focus groups, public hearings, facility assessments and community-wide surveys.

Some of the main changes you'll notice include improvements to Wavering Aquatic Center and Cedar Creek Linear Park.

In the past, Commissioners had discussed selling the Women's City Club also known as the "Bull House" as well as Lenane Park, Emerson and the southwest corner of South Park

Wednesday night, the board made an amendment to the comprehensive plan that excluded the Club from that list.

Executive Director Dan Gibble said, "The community was telling us we need to take care of what we have."You can find the complete comprehensive plan on the Quincy Park District's Web site.

The board also unanimously approved a $900,000 capital budget.

An owner of a $100,000 home will see a $1.81 increase in their property tax bill from the District.

The operating budget for the upcoming fiscal year also was approved for about $7.4 million.