Quincy Paper Box Co. building

An old Quincy building soon may have to come down.

The Quincy Paper Box Company building at Third and Vermont is a safety hazard, according to the city of Quincy.

KHQA spoke with City Planner Chuck Bevelheimer about the building today.

He says about three years ago, the city contacted the owner of the property, Don Weinberg, and asked him to do something about the deteriorating building.

The owner never responded.

Now the city is suing under a state law to show the building is dangerous, unsafe, and a public health threat.

The city hopes the court rules in its favor and the building has to be fixed or torn down.

"We never look at these building as a development opportunity. At this stage, it's a public safety issue. It's a nuisance abatement issue. The city has a responsibility to step forward to address the health and safety issues related to unsafe buildings. We address it purely as a health and safety issue," says Bevelheimer.

Bevelheimer tells KHQA neighboring tenants have seen homeless people in and around the building.

A ruling from the court should come by the middle of February.

If the court rules in favor of the city, the owner can appeal.

Bevelheimer says the appeals process could take months, even years before a decision is made.

KHQA did try to contact the attorney for the property owner, but no call was returned.